4E Dark Sun

Vurusenus Crypt

Vurusenus Crypt

12 November 2009

As the party looks around, Hadren says “Well, we might as well search the camp.” The woman looks up and says “Wait! You have to stop the invasion.”

Nobody listens.

Nnn’Ckk goes to look at the silver circles in the ground when the woman runs up to it. She starts muttering, nobody seems to care. Eventually she runs to a tent nobody had gotten to and runs back with some items that she seems to be hers.

Destriani rushes up to stop her, when she the human struggles, Destriani pulls out a rope to tie the human up. Goren rushes up to try and make her stop tying the human up, telling her not to tie her up.

“Fine, you don’t want her restrained and gagged, you make sure she doesn’t do anything arcane.” says Destriani, “Are you going to do that?” “Listen, I’m just trying to perform a ritual to keep this area from others coming through.” “Why should we believe you?” “I guess you have no reason to…my name is Sylestra. I’m trying ot make sure no more damage is done.” “What damage?” “Oh I don’t know, maybe a defiler casting a ritual?” “Who says he is a defiler? What is it to you? You were a prisoner, how did that happen?” asks Hadren.

“I am just trying to make certain that the portal cannot be opened again.” says Sylestra. The group has a huge argument over what needs to be done. Suddenly, Kalinday reveals to Igne that something is coming through the veil. Igne, seeing that Destriani still has her sword out towards the human, says “if you are going to keep that drawn, then face that way,” he says pointing towards where the portal was,” attack what comes through.” The human starts performing the ritual. Even as she starts, creatures start to shimmer and appear in existence. around the party. The one group is short and blue, the other creatures look like little whirlwinds.

Destriani hits one with an arrow, as another one appears next to Hadren. It attacks him, causing some minor damage, and then teleports him into a flanking position with another blue creature.

Anothre blue creature rushes Nnn’Ckk. As it rushes at the bug, he can tell that the creature is phasing in and out of phase between this world and some other world.

Goren uses his new spear and attacks one of the blue creatures, knocking it prone. He then rushes up to Hadren and surrounds 3 of the creatures there. The winds buffet at Goren, hitting him. The force pushes Goren towards Hadren, who is able to dodge Goren as he tumbles next to him.

A wind creature moves up towards the human caster and creates a windstorm around them, covering a fifteen foot area where the caster is at.

Nnn’Ckk takes a step back from the little tornado and attacks it and a blue creature with fire. Flame leaps out and hits both of them.

Igne leaps into the windstorm and strikes at the closest blue creature hitting it. Destriani, pulling out her handaxe to try and cut the head off the prone creature but misses.

A blue creature moves up to Nnn’Ckk, hits him and teleports him into flanking position next to a wind creature. Hadren moves up and attacks the wind creature, hitting it so hard he pulls it out of flanking position with Nnn’Ckk.

Goren swings a huge attack, hitting two of the creatures and causing them to take lightning damage from the attack, hitting the three around him.

The dust devil next to Hadren does a close burst wind attack, after taking a step back to try and hit Goren. The stinging sand misses everyone, so nobody is blinded but the wind screams around the party.

Nnn’Ckk calls upon his arcane magic to cast a scorching burst at the blue creature. Hadren feels the heat as Nnn’Ckk is standing next to him. He notices that the heat is a lot stronger than he is used to.

One of the blue creatures bites at Goren and hits him. Destriani charges up and hits one of the blue creatures. The human mage turns around and scores a critical hit against her blue creature and kills it.

The blue creature moves up to attack Nnn’Ckk, and hits with a large bite. Then the two shimmer and teleport behind Hadren. Hadren charges the dust devil, trying to move him away from Nnn’Ckk, and kills him instead.

Goren slams his weapon into the ground, striking two of them, and then rushes past two of them to take damage as he gets hit by an opportunity attack.

The dust devil shits five squares and attacks the group with gale blast. He then shimmers and disappears, going back to the other side. Igne manages to kill the hidden dust devil, causing a burst of wind to erupt from the former location of the devil.

Damaron calls out “Is anyone hurt? As Goren calls out in reply. Damaron moves closer to him, but can’t get close enough.

Nnn’Ckk casts a fireball out at a couple of the blue creatures, hitting two of them, and they both go up in balls of flame, falling to the ground.

Destriani rushes up and kills the last blue creature.

The human mage pulls out some magical items and starts to perform a ritual next to the big silver ring, to close the portal. Nnn’Ckk goes up to try and help, and she gives him a piece of wood to help telling him to touch the silver. As he does, he can tell the silver is rusting and blowing away in the wind.

She calls out “There is an area above the circles that is still weak, but I think it is sealed.”

She picks up her stuff and then looks back and says “Don’t you have a camp to loot? Tell the king I said hello when you see him.”

“How do you know about the king? Do you know anything about him or his plans?”

“He said others might follow him. That he had told them to destroy the sorcerer king.”

“How do you feel about the destruction of the sorcerer king?”

“I would think it would be a good thing, the world could start to heal itself. But I think you have a spy in your group.”

“The king is a much more pressing threat than the sorcerer. “

At this point Destriani walks up to Goren and starts whispering in his ear. As he talks back their voices get louder and louder until she suddenly calls out “Would you think of the rest of the group before you go telling complete strangers our whole mission!”

The human began laughing, turns and walks away, waving as she went.

Nnn’Ckk does question Goren, saying that it is odd that a woman who has a ritual that powerful memorized got captured? Goren just says he trusted her. Nnn’Ckk gives up and walks away. The group scrounges around the camp but finds only mundane items.

Nnn’Ckk tries to identify the belt while the others rest. He identifies the belt as a +2 belt of Strength. He also decides the orb needs to be destroyed.

Igne says “Give me the orb,” as he takes it. He starts muttering some words of power, and suddenly the orb bursts apart.

With that done, the party starts moving back into the mountains after resupplying any water or food that was used. It is pretty easy travel through the rolling hills. We took a short rest and healed up as needed. It is very hot outside…as usual. The group finds some non-threatening cacti that we could use if needed. We also avoid some spider cacti.

The party rests for the night, except for Nnn’Ckk and Goren, Destriani, and then Igne taking a second position as help at night.

Goren, late at night, notices that something is flying at the party. It is at least humanoid size, but crashes to the ground several miles to the north. Goren asks Nnn’Ckk if he saw it, he says no. He tells him that something flew out of the mountains and crashed to the ground, seemed like it fell from the sky, not that it landed.

As he looks, he can tell it is a kenku. Goren suggests that Nnn’Ckk wake the party while he goes off alone to aid the creature. The party gets up at Nnn’Ckk’s urging and grabbing weapons head off in the direction that Goren went.

Goren catches up to the bird creature, talks calmly to it, and eventually shares some water with it. It drinks the water as he keeps talking.

“I saw you fall, were you fleeing something?”

“I was attacked by snake people. I fled once they wounded me, but several of their arrows took me in the wing and I was unable to fly. I knew the Gith were around, but they would not help.”

“My friends are on their way, we have a healer.”

“It is not me I am worried about. It is more the rest of my clan that I am worried about.”

“Where are your friends?”

“They are only a few hours away to the north, a mile perhaps more?”

The group discusses if they have the time to go a mile out of their way to help these creatures, do we have the time. The group decides that because of our current mission we cannot help. We heal him and allow him to leave. The party, packed up, continues heading off into the mountains.

The party travels for several hours until High sun, and they take a rest. The group is walking on the top of the top canyons. There are sharp falls among the cliffs, and the party is picking their way the best they can.

As the group is resting, the party notices that Nnn’Ckk has been gone for about fifteen minutes before he comes back into view. He seems to be staring at cliffs that are a few hundred yards away.

Hadren runs up to him to ask what is going on, is there a problem? He points to some writing on a cliff wall. It is similar to what was in the kings tomb. Nnn’Ckk thinks this might be what we need to get to where we need to be going. He wasn’t certain if they are .

As Igne is looking at the marker, he thinks it is pointing in the direction they want to go and is pointing at a King Vurusenus. We ask Unndua, who says “Really? That’s his mark? he was a water priest, he might oppose the fire that Mirnos is trying to create.”

The group decides to follow the markers. It takes a few hours and we have to go to the canyon floor, but we find a ramp that must have been used for this purpose. The mounts make it with no trouble. After two hours of traveling, we eventually find a temple built into the cliff wall; complete with pillars and a grand doorway.

The difference is that although Goren can fit through the door, the inside gets smaller. At the bottom of some stairs is a door. The runes on the door confirm it is the resting place of Vurusenus.

Igne moves up to the door and discovers there is a trap. He is able to disable it, and can tell if he hadn’t the area would have filled up with something. He manages to release the door and can tell the trap was lucky. Looking at the area, it can be seen that the area is well traveled, and some noises can be hear from the other side of the door.

Igne opens the door, and the room is full of spiders and insects. The insects immediately attack, immobilizing the entire party in the hallway except Goren.

A swarm moves up and attack Igne, doing a ton of damage to him. Then another creature moves through the webs like they aren’t there and move up to attack Nnn’Ckk with a great axe, but misses. A second one rushes up and hits Igne, bloodying him.

Igne breaths out a crystal cloud of spikes at the creatures around him. He manages to hit two of them. Hadren draws his bow and shoots one of the axe wielders, but doesn’t get out of the web.

Nnn’Ckk casts a burst fire attack that catches four of the creatures, he hits two of them, and takes one out. Goren grabs Nnn’Ckk and pulls him out and away, trying to make room for Igne to escape.

A bunch of water lashes out from Dameron as he damages the front axe wielder. He then casts healing word on Igne to get him back to health.

A dark sorcerer spider does a shadow attack against Destriani, doing some damage of necrotic damage against her. Igne is hit by the swarm for a critical hit. He pushes it away but still takes damage.

An axe weilder moves forward and attacks the cleric with a critical hit. Igne dodges the next attack.

Hadren moves up and attacks an axe wielder, and then shifts it into his position so Goren can attack it.

Nnn’Ckk casts a scorching burst into the bugs, creating an area of damage that hits the web spinner and an axe wielder, taking two out. The creatures explode in flames.

Goren jumps over the party and lands in the room, marking all three creatures in the room and attacking the creature that Nnn’Ckk had damaged with a critical hit.

Damoron kills the guy next to him and heals himself.

Igne casts a bolt of energy with a chaos bolt at the boss, critically hits it that allows him a secondary attack but it misses.

Hadren moves up and manages to kill the boss with a critical hit.

Nnn’Ckk casts a burst attack at the spider swarm, hitting them and Goren who both take some fire damage.

Destriani moves up and attacks the swarm, but it’s Damoron’s water damage that takes out the swarm for good.

XP: 350

GM Notes
  • I think the group has too much internal strife and it might be coming out with the players as well. I think we need to refocus and look at what we want to do with this group. For example, even though the players haven’t played these characters for long, they have had months together with travel times. How will that have shaped some of their interactions?
  • I am willing to shoulder the blame on this one. I had intended for there to be some strife in the party but to resolve that quickly and then have the party be mostly united but still Unaligned so maybe rude to others but not each other. So, they like each other but are willing to bully others to get what they want. Then, I was hoping to have the group go to Good. A tough thing to be in Dark Sun but I think it’s better to play heroes rather than mercenaries. I will bring this up at the start of the next session and have us talk about it.
  • I have positioned the characters to see the consequences of their actions and a few other things. I am hoping this helps with the above issues and to nudge the group to the Good side.
  • I blantantly told the players that I was not going to give them any external hints about what they should do. The whole point was to present a dilemma of either helping the Kenku or continuing on in the quest for the tribes. There was no divination help to anything. It was up to the player(s) what they did. I didn’t want to influence them either way.
  • The battles were very strange in that the die rolls played a HUGE part in them. Bigger than normal. When rolling for the monsters, it was nearly a critical or a complete miss. A battle that should have been more tough wasn’t because I would miss with the monsters big attacks. Then, a battle that was supposed to be easy was tough because the players were now rolling terrible. This is good and bad. It’s nice to have the “chaos” of battle represented by the die but it makes it hard to judge how a combat will go. I suppose that’s role playing as no tools to judge that have been very accurate.



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