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Vurusenus Crypt Part II

Vurusenus Crypt Part II

November 17, 2009

After the swarm is defeated the group looks around and notices there are no more attackers. Igne notes that the Dark Sorcerer spider that inflicted so much damage had scurried away down the Northwest Passage.

The group, including Unndua takes a short rest and are able to regroup and look around. There are carvings on the walls (water motif) and it looks like a story is being told with multiple characters, most look like an elemental theme. The carvings continue into the NW passage.

Goren starts moving towards the NW passage and the group positions themselves around him. As the group looks down the hallway, there are many cobwebs filling the area and a few of the alcoves are completely sealed by the webs. It’s obvious the swarm spends time hear and there are a few little spiders, but nothing big

Unndua looks at the carvings and thinks he recognizes some of the characters. Nnn’Ckk notes (to himself) that some of the carvings indicate a portal or a means of travelling. Unndua continues by saying “It looks like there was another group that King Vurusenus was to be a part of but he turned them down” Nnn’Ckk mentions that the portals are part of the carvings and he asks Unndua if portals have been used for travel on a regular basis. Unndua says it was only something that the sorcerer kings used and maybe the dragon, but it’s not something commonly used. It looks like the group depicted was opposing a (or several) sorcerer king. This is definitely before my own time. There were stories about a group called “The Seven” By the time I was in King Vurusenus court, The Seven weren’t active, but were probably still alive. I do remember one of them showing up and asking if King Wyrnos would join them and he refused. Unndua think s that had The Seven known what King Wyrnos would become, they would have tried to stop him.

As the group moves down the passage, the group notices that the walls have some erosion and have some pieces knocked out and it looks like some battles have taken place here.

Igne notices a spider coming down the hallway and says “oh !!!, it’s on me already”. The spider attacks Igne and wallops him badly. This happens to be the Dark Sorcerer Spider that ran from the first battle. The group notices that the hallway is filling with spiders and Ettercaps. Igne moves forward and throws a chaos bolt and hits the first spider (12 points psychic damage). Igne attacks a second spider and hits the second one for 8 points, but misses the 3rd spider.

Nnn’Ckk moves forward next to Igne and sends his scorching burst and misses the spiders. Destriani moves forward and aims her bow at the spider and hits for 4 points damage.

The dark mind shredder spider scurries up and tries to mind shred Igne, which he does with 14 points damage and becomes invisible to Igne (only)

Goren charges forward and hits the spider with 16 points damage. It is noticed that 2 of the spiders are actually swarms. One of which attacks Goren and hits him with 3 points damage. Damoron asks who needs help: Igne screams out in pain. He gains 11 points back.

The Ettercap spits web and hits Goren who is immobilized. Hadren moves up so he can get into position for next round. The dark sorcerer spider hits Goren with a vitriolic web that hits Goren for more immobilizing and 4 points damage. The spider moves easily through the “impassable looking” web blocking the passage.

Igne moves up and uses mists of disarray and missed everyone and doesn’t move. Nnn’Ckk moves forward and drops an area of effect in the middle of the spiders and hits several of the spiders, killing one of them but missing the Ettercap. Destriani moves forward and fires her bow, but misses all the spiders. Goren swings at the swarm hitting it and gives 8 points damages. The spiders move forward and surround Goren biting and hitting him with 11 points damage. Damoron hits the swarm (natural 20) and takes out one of them

The Ettercap moves up on Goren and attacks with his bone great axe and hits Goren. (18 points damage ) and Goren is bloodied. Unndua sends a healing surge to Goren (+3). The spider attacks Goren again (10 points necrotic damage). Igne sends a chaos bolt at the swarm and misses. Nnn’Ckk sends a grasping shadows at the swarm and the Ettercap and hits both (15 points fire damage). The swarm goes up like popcorn (“anybody got some butter” so Goren hands Destriani a tub of Country Crock)

Destriani moves forward swings at the spider with her Farslayer sword and hits it for 14 points damage. Goren attempts to slam into the earth and raises it to cause 10 points damage to both enemies (he misses both)

The swarm wants to eat Igne but hits Goren for 8 points damage. Damoron moves up and sends a healing water surge to Goren. The Ettercap then swings his bone great ax at Goren (natural 20) and whacks him badly. Unndua sends a minor healing word to Goren. Igne sends a chaos bolt into the swarm and misses. Nnn’Ckk sends a scorching burst and really hot flames engulf the swarm and the Ettercap taking them both out. As the fires recede, there are just a couple small spiders scurrying away.

Everyone stops, stunned and breathing heavily that there are no more attacks. Everyone heals up quickly and re-provisions. They look around the next room and notice more webs and the floor has some heaved rocks. Igne notices that the carving story continues but it doesn’t have anything significant to them. Igne also changes aspects and is now a fire elemental. He uses a chaos bolt and clears out all the webs. The group can now see a set of doors at the South end of the room. Igne checks for traps and notices there is one. He attempts to disarm the trap and as soon as the door opened, a Mountain spider instantly rushes Igne. At the same time, an Ettercap web spinner hisses at Igne “What brings you here” Igne also can feel the alien presence of the front spider in his mind. Igne answers “we are searching for ways to benefit King Vurusenus”. The Ettercap interrupts “Treasure Hunters”. Igne replies “No, a way to overthrow King Wyrnos” . The Ettercap says, “We have claimed this area, it is ours and all the treasures.” Igne turns to walk behind Goren. As he passes, he whispers to Goren “Get ready for a fight”

“Well then Leave” says the Ettercap.

The group gets into position for a long fight with the creatures. At that moment, Igne attacks Damoron (having been dominated by the mountain spider) for 16 points damage. The Mountain spider moves forward and bites Goren badly and he is immobilized. The dark spider tries to hit Goren and misses. The little spider claw attacks Goren and hits him. Another little Spider moves past Goren and he takes a swipe at it as it goes by and kills him.

Destriani swings her Farslayer blade at the Mountain spider and hits it for 16 points. Goren marks both spiders surrounding him and swings at the Mountain spider and hits it (19 damage) and the dark web reaper spider gets hit for 4 points. The Mountain spider gets hit by 5 points of thunder damage.

The Crystal spider takes the light from the torches and focuses it into a light beam and aims it at Goren missing him.

Damoron sprays Igne with a bit of water and shakes him out of his dominated state and frees Igne from the mind control.

Nnn’Ckk drops a shock sphere into the middle of the spiders: (just before the spell is released, one of the spiders shrivels up and dies) He hits all of them and does 42 damage to all. The mountain spider is dead and the other 2 are reeling.

Hadren moves up and swings at the Crystal spider and hits it shattering it to a billions pieces. The Ettercap drops webs on the area surrounding it and now makes the area difficult terrain. Igne stumbles forward and sends a chaos bolt to the spider and misses it. Unndua moves forward and hunkers down behind Igne and Hadren

Destriani moves forward and shoots her bow and hits the Ettercap for 6 points damage. Goren drags through the web field and charges next to the Ettercap and tries to swing at it. He then uses an Earth grab, hitting the Ettercap for 12 points knocking it prone and killing it.

Goren continues down the West passage to find the dark sorcerer spider that keeps running away. He moves past a portcullis and it slams down and separates him from the group. He sees an Ettercap between him and the dark sorcerer spider and 2 other Ettercaps come up.

The dark sorcerer spider sends shadow wisps at Goren and hits him for 6 necrotic points.

Destriani runs forward as fast as she can to get into position to break down the portcullis. Goren puts his shoulder against the portcullis and heaves at it and doesn’t have enough on that push. He tries again and is able to smash through the portcullis and backs up from the spiders

Nnn’Ckk moves forward past the web flooring. Harden asks “are we about to be attacked or did you just smash the portcullis?” Goren responds “3 Ettercaps and the sorcerer spider are coming towards us”. One of the Ettercaps moves forward and says “Intruders” and drops a web area just north of the portcullis.

Igne moves up and sends a chaos bolt with a stretch spell (+3 on range) and towards the closest Ettercap and hits him with psychic damage.

2 of the Ettercaps attack Goren and hit him and damage him badly.

Destriani moves forward and swings at one of the Ettercaps and hits him for 15 points damage. Goren uses his thunder cap swing and hits them (5 thunder and 5 lightening damage given). Damoron tries to hit a spider with a water stream and hits him square in the face with 25 points damage. Nnn’Ckk doesn’t move and drops a scorching burst just behind the 2 Ettercaps surrounding Goren. He hits one but misses the other. He also burns away some of the web. The one that is hit goes down and dies. Hadren runs and charges and declares an oath of enmity and hits the Ettercap. The other Ettercap recharges and throws its web into the hallway and covers the floor. Then it throws a javelin at Goren and hits him.

Nnn’Ckk turns to see swarms of spiders coming out of the East passage. Igne sees the spiders as well so he puts a mist of disarray into the middle of them. He misses all of them.

The Ettercap facing Hadren and Goren tries to bite Goren and gets him (9 points damage )and tries to inject the poison, which doesn’t have any effect on Goren. The Ettercap moves down and away from Goren.

Unndua moves up to send Goren a healing word. Destriani charges the 3 spiders that came out of the East passage and hit one of the spiders. She then flies into Tempest Dance swinging her blade and axe as she moves. She misses the first spider, but hits the other 2. Goren tried to hit the Ettercap and missed. Damoron moves forward to try to hit the spiders and misses. Nnn’Ckk attempts a scorching burst in order to protect Destriani and aims at the 3 spiders. He hits one of the spiders but misses the others. Hadren attacks the Ettercap (natural 20) and kills it. Goren mutters “Not so useless after all elf”

The 2nd Ettercap spits a web net at Hadren and immobilizes him and then takes off down the West Passage. The spiders attack Destriani – 2 of them hit her and she takes damage (14 points)

Igne moves forward and uses his death strike damage on one of the spiders and inflicts 16 points damage. Unndua asks if anyone needs help and no one respond, Destriani swings at the spider and misses completely. Goren charges the 3 spiders (leaping over the cowering Unndua) but misses them. Damoron tries to send a misty waters at one of the spiders and hits it causing lots of damage.

Nnn’Ckk sends a scorching burst just behind the spiders, hitting all 3. The spiders catch fire and one of them pops and disappears. Nnn’Ckk takes an action point and repeats his scorching burst and hits both of them. Both spiders are badly burned. Hadren is unable to get out of his web and just shouts encouragement to the rest

The swarm covers Destriani and bloodies her badly. Igne attempts to attack the spiders and misses them both. Unndua sends a healing word and aids Destriani. She then marks both spiders and attacks them. She misses one and hits the other for 14 points. Damoron tries to send a casting and misses. Nnn’Ckk sends a scorching burst and hits both of them killing both of them. Hadren finally breaks free f the web and moves toward the rest of the group, but all the spiders have been defeated or have fled.

Igne peeks into the room to the south and sees a bunch of things stored: cocoons and things and he cuts one open. There are several psychic cats in various forms of decay. He decides there isn’t much in the room. He then suggests we check the sarcophagi and checks for traps. It is locked and has an extremely heavy lid. Igne is able to pick the lock and he asks Goren to move up and get the lid off. Goren does so easily and reveals and 2nd sarcophagus: It is very nice wood with precious gems and metals (reds and yellows). Unndua takes a look at it and recognizes that it might be the actual tomb of King Vurusenus. Hadren keeps watch on the West passage and Destriani watches the east passage. Goren replaces the lid on that one and Igne moves to the 2nd sarcophagus and checks for traps. Goren opens the lid and there is LOTS of treasures: 6 scrolls (rituals: knock, excavation/make hole, thief’s lament, detect object, secure shelter, and pass wall) which the group gives to Nnn’Ckk, 3 +2 weapons with fire effect (distributed between Hadren, Igne and Destriani), 7 healing fruits (one per person), 87 GP and 6 blue gems (sapphires worth 75 to 125 gold apiece) 14.5 GP/character and one gem per.

Destriani notices a spider coming up from the East passage (it is the dark sorcerer spider) and tries to hit her with the Shadow mist and does for 5 points. The spider then disappears. She curses and screams at the bastard. Goren and Igne rush forward along with Destriani down the hallway. Hadren moves closer to the group but is protecting their back. Igne moves up next to Destriani and Goren joins them down the hallway. Damoron, Unndua and Nnn’Ckk all move to have line of sight down the hallway. Destriani makes it into the larger room and Igne comes up behind, Goren close behind. Nnn’Ckk, Unndua and Damoron move into the hallway with the alcoves. Hadren continues to cover the rear. The web spitting Ettercap throws a floor cover. Then acid starts filling up the hallway with the alcoves. Hitting Goren, Nnn’Ckk, Damoron but missing Igne and Unndua.

The dark sorcerer spider sends a vitriolic web at Destriani and misses. Damoron moves forward out of the hallway. Nnn’Ckk moves forward and attempts to jump out of the web flooring into the large room and sends a scorching burst at one of the Ettercaps. He hits it and inflicts lots of damage. Hadren moves to the end of the hallway out of the acid bath and continues to protect the rear.

Destriani attacks the dark sorcerer spider and hits it with her broadsword and inflicts 11 points damage. One of the web spinner Ettercaps sends a web against Nnn’Ckk who is restrained. The other Ettercap tries to bite Damoron and gets him. Goren moves through the acid and comes up next to one of the Ettercaps and tries to hit him. He misses. Igne moves forward into the large room and stands behind Goren and attacks the Ettercap that Goren just attacked. He hits it for 8 points psychic damage. The third Ettercap rushes to Nnn’Ckk and attacks with his bone great axe and is deflected by Nnn’Ckk’s great defenses…

XP: 675

GM Notes
  • (edited for clarity) As before, I have made some small edits in the narrative that I hope clarify things. The group was at the tomb of King Vurusenus, one of the Seven. King Wyrnos was asked to join the Seven but declined. It is Wyrnos that has returned and is threatening the tribes of Goren and Hadren.
  • Wow. This must be how they meant 4E to be played. A LOT more cinematic and scary when you have five combats in a row! That’s two milestones! More than I have done before and quite interesting. I don’t think any one battle was life threatening to the characters but all five of them have been tough! (I think Igne is out of healing surges and is slightly wounded. No healing for him!) So, it was very interesting to see how that worked out!
  • A long dungeon crawl but I think it was fun. Managed to have role playing and some history in there. Ah, the joys of an NPC who can give a bit of an explanation but overall the focus was the action.
  • Really liked how much Masterplan has helped with the fights. And with the save function, it also helped! I don’t think I would have stopped in mid fight as we did if it hadn’t been for that! We start with a fight next time.
  • The Dark Sorcerer spider has becaome a mini nemesis of the group. If they do nothing else, they are determined to kill it! Very fun to watch!



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