Kalidnay Region

I am moving the timeline and start date to go to a time when Kalidnay was not in ruins. Actually, since we never got tons of information on the Dark Sun cities, at least most of them that I can remember, it’s wide open. Sure, some of the books and items give some information but not everything was detailed. Therefore, I am having fun fleshing this area out.

It’s set in the XXXrd King’s Age, in the XXth year. Still haven’t figured this out. There are some good reasons to have it be near the original boxed sets year and also some good reasons to have it earlier.

Updated the city:

It’s not finished but it’s a start! So, in this version, I added shadows and also changed the buildings. I think it looks less like a government project. Again, more to do, but I like this!

Character Name Player Name Race Class Destriani Kate Mul Fighter Damoron Greg Human Water Cleric Hadren Tony Elf Avenger Igne Brook Genasi Rogue Nnn’Ckk Jim Thri Kreen Wizard Goren Bob Half Giant Warden

NPCs NPC Name Race Notes Kalid’ma Human+ Sorcerer King in charge of Kalinday. Almur Human Local college (guild) leader (Al for short) (Deceased) Rath Human One of Al’s men who helps him keep the place under control (has hired the team which he met at the Kank’s Droppings) (Deceased) Lyrran Human Gang Enforcer for gang leader named Almur (or is it Igne now?) Corrya Human Templar in the service of Kalid-ma Aglum Human Earth Cleric (male) Lirra Human Fire Cleric (female) Lord Fabin Human Noble who lives on the middle tier and has a deal with the PCs. Unndua Human Ghost of a cleric made human by Igne, 1800+ years old. Wyrnos Human Former king, ghost made human, wants to be an elemental lord Arenlum Skeleton Necromantic mage, through black portal, takes evil people for workers

XP Chart


09/07/2009 – The Beginning 09/15/2009 – A New Friend and more missions 09/29/2009 – The Colony 10/06/2009 – Recruited 10/14/2009 – The Mirror Crack’d 10/20/2009 – The Lich, the King, and Kalid-ma 10/27/2009 – The trip through the desert 11/03/2009 – The Gith Ritual 11/12/2009 – Vurusenus Crypt 11/17/2009 – Vurusenus Crypt II 11/24/2009 – Choices

Stories, Myths and Legends of Kalidnay 9/11/2009 – The Dragon Attacks 9/22/2009 – Templars of Salt 11/19/2009 – Unndua’s Story

The boring stuff about Kalidnay 9/16/2009 – Basic info 10/19/2009 – Laws

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